...and a Top 10 Healthy Restaurant list

10 healthy restaurants selected by Blogher and Gourmet emphasize fresh local produce and few processed foods

...and a Top 10 Healthy Restaurant list

Yesterday we looked at Food Republic's list of 10 great sustainable restaurants.

Now how about 10 great healthy restaurants? Gourmet and Blogher asked contributors to help find restaurants with a huge emphasis on good food that's good for you. As one writer (Laura K. of the Kitchen Illiterate blog) puts it,

Vegetarian restaurants in Berkeley might once have signaled a dreary approach to eating—one that focused on health above taste—but Gather shows us just how much veggie-centric cuisine has grown up.

Not all these restaurants are vegetarian, but many are. And another very visible theme is the common use of fresh, local, seasonal produce, with very few processed foods in sight.

How do these dishes sound?

  • "Portobella Trance" - mushrooms with garlic, spinach, and onions in a cream cheese sauce served on naan at the Cosmic Cafe in Dallas
  • "Kiss the Smiling Piggie" - a sweet potato tempura, mango chutney, and pine nut roll at Miya's sustainable sushi restaurant in New Haven, Conn
  •  The Strand’s salad - butter lettuce, fennel, avocado, strawberries, sunflower seeds, and citrus vinaigrette at Cafe Capricho in Sacramento


(Photo is from Pinon Market & Cafe in Salt Lake City.)


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