10 great sustainable restaurants

Local sourcing, low waste, energy efficiency - what do sustainable restaurants have in common?

10 great sustainable restaurants

Earlier this week we noted Corporate Knights' list of The Most Sustainable Corporations.

Food Republic also has posted its Power Rankings list of 10 highly sustainable restaurants. They don't claim these are "the most sustainable". But these restaurants clearly have thought a great deal about how to have a positive impact on their communities and the national food system.

Restaurants can waste food and consume enormous amounts of power and materials. In contrast, the restaurants on Food Republic's list use tactics such as:

- Local ingredient sourcing

- Rooftop gardens

- Extensive composting

- Energy-efficient appliances and lighting, and alternative energy sourcing (wind and solar)

- Biodegradable and reclaimed/recycled/recyclable materials

- LEED building certification

- Beehives!

We at MyFreshLocal were lucky enough to have appetizers and drinks at Founding Farmers in DC in 2010. Believe us - sustainable is delicious!

(Photo of Founding Farmers from their website.)


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