From slow food to ‘slow money’

From slow food to ‘slow money’

Health News Digest tells the tale of "socially conscious investing pioneer and author Woody Tasch," who

seeks nothing less than a complete overhaul of the way we think about and spend our money, channeling much more of it into producing healthy local food, strengthening local communities instead of multinational corporations, and restoring our flagging economy in the process. Instead of venture capital bankrolling far flung high tech start-ups, Tasch hopes to see “nurture capital” funding local merchants and producers who, in turn, plug half of their profits back into their communities, ensuring one small local virtuous circle that values soil fertility, carrying capacity, a sense of place, care of the commons, diversity, nonviolence, and cultural, ecological and economic health as much as financial return.

Love the idea of "nurture capital."

Read more in Slow Money.


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