Grist: Digging for dinner

Grist: Digging for dinner

Grist has the rollicking tale of a writer's first hunt for the elusive razor clam.

How hard can it be to dig up a clam? Quite challenging, it turns out. As soon as the clam knows you're coming, it digs itself deeper into the sand.

For the first 30 minutes, Ted and I played out a ridiculous routine: See the telltale dimple. Dig frantically on the seaward side of the dimple. Drop to our knees and plunge our bare arms into the cold, wet pit. Root around, occasionally just grazing the tip of the clam’s neck, until a wave inevitably crashed over the pit and soaked our pants.

“Maybe we just need more practice,” I said after my fifth or sixth attack failed.

“Maybe this just sucks,” said Ted.

And because the clamming season is carefully regulated, and the digging process so manual, razor clam is pretty eco-friendly food.

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