High-end global chefs take on local ingredients

High-end global chefs take on local ingredients

The Madrid Fusion show reportedly featured many top chefs' efforts to create sustainable menus.

Some of the dishes (and sourcing practices) sound delicious:

Swedish chef Magnus Ek said he gathers leaves, bark and wild herbs each morning from the grounds around his award-winning restaurant, Oaxen Skargardskrog, on the Swedish island of Oaxen, for use in his recipes.

"Our cuisine is very natural, most of the ingredients we use either grow or live around us. I try to bring as much nature as I can into the kitchen," he told AFP.

His restaurant is part of a Scandinavian gastronomic revolution that defends the use of local cooking traditions. The movement is led by Danish chef Rene Redzepi, whose restaurant Noma in Copenhagen is currently regarded by food critics as the world's best.

At the same time, the article quotes a number of local dishes that might be quite a challenge for the average American palate. In the Venezuelan Amazon, chef Nelson Mendez makes tarantula croquettes and a baked mousse of palm worms.


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