News from up North: Chefs, farmers team up in British Columbia

News from up North: Chefs, farmers team up in British Columbia

A couple of encouraging local food efforts spotted in British Columbia, Canada:

First off, farmers and chefs in Kamloops have formed a successful and growing cooperative, aiming to help supply locally grown ingredients.

Kamloops is a town roughly 150 miles northeast of Vancouver. The Kamloops Daily News reports that collaboration among members of the Thompson-Shuswap Chef Farmer Collaborative has resulted in arrangements such as a local farmer dedicating garden space to a crop requested by a specific restaurant.

Its purpose is simple: to unite those who cook with those who grow, so restaurants can feature local, seasonal food and beverages.

It's an idea that's being embraced by consumers and restaurant owners who would prefer to eat carrots from a local farm rather than mass-purchased produce shipped from the Lower Mainland from destinations far and away.

David Tombs, owner of Terra Restaurant, is one of the collaborative's most active members. He built a restaurant around the concept of eating locally and has made important connections with food growers through the collaborative.


In an different report, notes that Vancouver's government has been keen on a "Greenest City" mandate. This broad effort, which includes attempts to increase building efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is now extending to the creation of a new Vancouver Food Strategy.

A point of emphasis is to foster Neighborhood Food Networks, ensuring access to healthy, locally produced food options.


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