Rooftop farms poised to launch in Boston

Rooftop farms poised to launch in Boston

The biggest rooftop agriculture plan in the Boston environs was Sky Vegetables' proposed Brockton factory-top aquaponic facility.

News of that project is hard to come by (their latest site update is from very early 2010), but now the Boston Herald reports of other entrepreneurs plotting produce in the South End or Charlestown areas.

Higher Ground’s founders plan to sell its harvest at stores, including those in “food deserts” where fresh produce is hard to find, and through subsidized community-supported agriculture programs.

They’re looking for rooftops ranging from 40,000 to 80,000 square feet and estimate that between 5 percent and 10 percent of Boston buildings are suitable. The buildings must have relatively new roof membranes for structural integrity and be accessible to the public.

“Our business model is to expand out and have a couple of different farms on rooftops and also possibly use other urban agriculture methodologies like hydroponic growing inside storage containers,” Stoddard said.

The perfect scenario, according to the two partners planning Higher Ground, is to open in a building with a sustainable restaurant beneath the farm.


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