“The art of growing food”

New York artist turns New Mexico organic farmer, with a vision

“The art of growing food”

He was an artist by trade - but when his feet hit the dirt in New Mexico,

BAM! it made sense: this was the place I was going to live and die, and growing vegetables was the key. It just felt so important, more important than making art. It’s about people and eating, and it became a giant earthwork for me. It’s a giant sculpture.

Since I’ve come to New Mexico, I go to the markets, I have interactions with people, I sell my vegetables (that’s how I really live, from vegetable to vegetable) and I tell people about what I’m doing. People are very interested in the concepts of sustainability and growing local food year-round. I focus on growing in all four seasons to make a real, viable market– not something that just happens in the summertime. You can actually really live on this, and I want to try to feed as many people as possible within 100 miles. That’s the dream, that’s what I’m living for.

That's organic farmer Armand Saiia, speaking to blogger Liza Burkin in a very fun and inspiring interview about why he founded Infinity Farms and the nonprofit Desert Grows, located "in the high desert" on the Pecos River. (The photo up top is from the Desert Grows photo gallery.)

Saiia is a fascinating character and a passionate spokesman for farming and year-round local food.


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