the MA OUtdoor Volunteer Experience

Founded by Dave Madan
Cambridge, MA

Who are they?

Located in Cambridge theMove provides a unique experience for volunteers to understand the interconnectedness of the food system and the choices we all make each day. theMove provides outdoor experiences connecting volunteers to local farms for a day of work. These volunteer opportunites described as reflective, help illuminate the relationship between personal health, community health and envrionmental health.

"theMOVE organizes reflective farm-volunteer workdays for diverse urban groups across Metro Boston, to connect folks hands-on with fresh food, and with the labor and land that sustain us."


Why does it matter?

We find theMove really compelling because of their energy and committment but also because their mission is helping to build important early connections between kids and the food system. theMove is developing respect and understanding between the people who grow healthy food and those who are just developing their eating habits.

Membership for the year is only $30 and you get great perks including access to excusive foodie events, discounts at local sustainable businesses and more. You can learn more about membership in theMove here.

theMove is reaching neighborhoods that typically lack access to sustainability education opportunities — low/mixed income neighborhoods, immigrant communities, communities of color. Check out the video to learn more and support theMove!


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